Focusing on three key areas – collaborative learninginterpersonal intelligence, and technological know-how – my training is an ongoing process that equips new team members with a broad skill set as well as targeted knowledge of the challenges and assignments we see most frequently in the center. I also constantly adapt our practices to meet the needs of each new hire.

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Training Day

New tutors meet several members of the team, watch videos of actual tutoring sessions from our center, and participate in a mock tutorial. A seasoned tutor with a carefully selected piece of writing plays the part of a student. All the others present at the training hold mock sessions at the other tutoring stations in order to create the feel of a typical day in our center. New tutors also receive a flash drive containing several helpful resources, including all of our handouts (available under Resources), our WC Online Quick guide, and blank time sheets.



During the weeks following training, new tutors have regular appointments with the coordinators to review key lessons from the training day and to reinforce the basics of WC Online, including holding mock online appointments. They also spend time shadowing experienced tutors and write a brief reflection piece on their early experiences in the center. The reflection gives the coordinators the chance to read and review a piece of each new employee’s writing.


Navigating WC Online

WC Online can present a challenge to even the most seasoned of tutors. As we strive to keep detailed records of our appointments in order to observe trends, correctly completing each client report form is vital. Therefore, we compiled a list of the issues we encountered when we were first getting used to WC Online. Who hasn’t accidentally made an appointment with themselves and seen the dreaded yellow box? This hyperlink guide provides a quick way to navigate a large amount of information. Click and download the guide to make sure the hyperlinks work.


Frequent Assignments

In our center, there are certain assignments we see repeatedly over the course of each semester. I designed quick refresher Power Points and worked with Phillip to create brief videos reminding tutors of the main aspects of these assignments. We have completed three videos so far, and more are currently in production. With an eye to the semester schedule and when certain types of assignments will be due, I share a link to a “Need to Know” video one week before I anticipate encountering an assignment in the center.