New York University Teaching Conference

In May 2012, I received New York University’s College of Arts and Science Outstanding Teaching Award. Recipients are nominated by students and faculty in recognition of “excellence in teaching and contributions to undergraduate education.”

I was subsequently asked by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Arts Science to help organize and present at the university’s annual teaching conference for graduate students who are about to teach for the first time. In addition to help develop the overall program, I prepared and delivered presentations on teaching at the college level and a specialized panel on teaching writing, “The Letter Grade: Teaching Writing, Grading Papers, and Making the Most of Your Time.” Both panels were open to instructors from any discipline. Below you will find the abstract for my writing panel as well as a copy of the conference program.


Teaching writing effectively and grading written assignments consistently, fairly, and efficiently are daunting challenges that can frustrate even the most diligent of instructors. Having your email inbox flooded with drafts or receiving a pile of 40 papers on a Friday afternoon can certainly exhaust your patience and test your dedication. This workshop will discuss ways to prepare, administer, grade, and review written assignments in order to maximize student engagement and development while also making the best use of your time. By presenting and modeling specific strategies for teaching writing, the workshop will equip you with useful tools that will benefit both you and your students.

Click the image below to view the conference program.

Randall Sessler