In addition to creating resources for our tutors, we diligently work to create new resources for our students. Mobilizing both traditional and new media, we work to reach students any way we can. Below you will find our Helpful Handouts, Job Materials Video, and Navigating WC Online video; I hope you find them useful.


In addition to creating resources for our tutors, we have been working diligently to craft materials for our students. Below you will find three examples of our ongoing handout project. Each tutor chooses a particular grammatical concept or rule and creates a handout explaining the rule, an exercise sheet, and an answer key. The handouts are also available to our students online. The handouts below address parallel structurepassive voice, and subject/verb agreement.



Over the course of my time as coordinator, I have developed a great relationship with our nursing department. Every semester, nursing students reaching the end of their training are required to write résumés, cover letters, and resignations letters. In addition to class visits, workshops, and one-on-one tutoring sessions, I created this useful instructional video. The video features nods to Star Wars, Batman, and Oprah.


Navigating WC Online

Just like our tutors, students sometimes find WC Online tough to navigate. I wanted to create an easy and engaging way for students to learn to use our online reservation system. Phillip, and I worked together and came up with the idea of short video tutorials like the one below. We also have tutorials explaining online appointments and hope to include links to the tutorials in the automatic email reply students receive from WC Online after making an appointment.

Randall Sessler