Collaborative Exchange

I am excited to announce a collaborative research project between Wallace Community College and Auburn University at Montgomery. WCC Writing Center Coordinator Dr. Randall Sessler and AUM Learning Center Coordinator Matthew Kemp will each spend a day shadowing one another at their respective campuses.

While acknowledging that writing centers at four-year universities, community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and K-12 schools face distinct challenges is in many ways necessary, our project will ask if separating writing center discourse along these institutional lines risks overlooking larger commonalities. Separated by just over 90 miles, WCC and AUM serve similar student populations and are directly linked by transfer students and even tutors.

Furthermore, although conferences and new media allow members of the writing center community to interact, exchange ideas, and share resources, they do not let us to see one another in our own spaces.

We believe our collaborative project raises several interesting questions, including:

  1. What can direct observation teach writing center practitioners that other mediated forms of interaction cannot?
  2. What types of cross-pollination occur between community colleges and four-year institutions in the same region?
  3. How can observing both sides of the transfer student experience help writing centers better serve this – and other – student populations?

Stay tuned for updates as our project progresses.

Update #1: Matt visits WCC

Update #2: Randie visits AUM

Update #3: Randie attends AUM Training

Randall Sessler