Write Bytes: Using New Media to Create a Balanced [Digital] Diet

On Tuesday, May 14th, the university will hold its annual Faculty Development Day. This half-day event allows faculty and staff members to support one another as well as share resources, challenges, and current projects. Click the image to view the full call for proposals.

Since arriving at APU, I have utilized new media in order to establish connections with other campus stakeholders. In conversations with students, staff, and faculty, I have learned that there is a desire for student resources to be housed in a single location. Students - especially online, commuter, and non-traditional students - want to find everything they need in one central location.

In response to this demand, I have been working with the library, Honors College, IMT (university technical support), and the regional campuses to turn the the Writing Center’s new YouTube channel into such a space. To learn more about how our YouTube channel is quickly becoming a collaborative space, see my full proposal below, as well as a sneak peek of the resources I am currently creating.

Write Bytes: Using New Media to Create a Balanced [Digital] Diet

In our on-demand culture, educational institutions are no longer understood as physical locations but rather multimodal resources capable of constant contact with students. This presentation shows how the APU Writing Center created a YouTube channel in order to give students instant access to its services. Presenters will also share how the channel quickly became a collaborative space between the center and other APU stakeholders, including regional campuses, the library, Honors College, and IMT. Learn how the Writing Center’s YouTube channel can help you connect with your students in a new way.

During this multimedia workshop session, participants will watch selections from the new APU Writing Center YouTube channel as well as brief testimonials from APU faculty and staff members who have partnered with the center to create, update, or share resources, including David Harmeyer, Library Faculty and Professor; Diana Glyer, Professor of English, Honors College; and Joshua Morse, professional writing coach, San Diego Regional Campus.

The testimonials will show faculty members how they have both directly and indirectly influenced the content the center has created. A roundtable conversation and corresponding survey will actively engage those present to participate in and influence the center’s future projects.

Library Life Hacks

Over the course of the last three months, I have been working with Dave Harmeyer, a professor and reference librarian who is an expert on information literacy. His book, which he co-authored with Janice J. Baskin, Implementing the Information Literacy Network: A Practical Guide for Librarians, offers pragmatic advice on how faculty members can partner with librarians in order to make information literacy a student learning outcome their classes.

Dave has recorded a series of one-minute videos showing students how to utilize library resources. The series, called Library Life Hacks, is a quick way for students to become familiar with all the resources the libraries offer. I was thoroughly impressed with Dave’s passion and offered to work with him to enhance the quality of this endeavor. Each Wednesday, we meet and re-record a few of these videos. I then use Final Cut Pro X and Canva design software to brand each entry and make it visually appealing to students.

The updated videos will be available for students on the center’s YouTube channel and the library homepage later this semester. We are hoping the enhanced quality and visibility will lead to more views.

Write Bites Interviews

I have also recently begun interviewing staff and faculty members who use the Writing Center for this new series. While I frequently promote the center and its services to students, I wanted to take a moment and remind staff and faculty that the center can help them with their writing projects and students learning objectives as well. In the first two videos, Academic Success Coach Christie Johnson and Dr. Angela Robles from the department of kinesiology share their experiences working with the center.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with the university community!