The Writing Center Goes Digital

During the fall 2018 semester, the APU Writing Center received over forty requests for in-class workshops from faculty members. As a writing center with two locations on our main campus, three locations at regional campuses (High Desert, Inland Empire, and San Diego), and a separate online schedule, filling each and every request presents a challenge.

In order to meet this demand without overextending our team, I decided to collaborate with our professional writing coaches to create digital versions of our most popular workshops. After completing our first digital workshop, a seventeen-minute introduction to Zotero Citation Manager, it became quite clear that we found a new way to not only meet this demand but also connect with students and faculty. Faculty from multiple departments, the head librarian, writing-center staff members, and students found the workshop to be hugely beneficial. As the assistant director, I was also able to fulfill workshop requests and introduce my staff members to a valuable tool simply by circulating a mp4 file.

After receiving positive feedback, I decided we needed to create a digital repository of materials that students and faculty alike could access whenever they wanted. Over the course of two months, I built the Azusa Pacific Writing Center YouTube channel from the ground up. Featuring digital workshops, introductions to key center services, coach profiles, short digital tips videos, and more, the channel is a new arm of the center.

Check out some of our featured content below or visit the channel by clicking here.

Welcome Video

The channel currently features a welcome video introducing our content. Staff writing coach Allie was recorded in front of a green screen, allowing me to use Final Cut Pro X to put in clips from our resources.

This lively introduction makes it clear that our channel is not a side project but rather an extension of the services we offer.

Digital Workshops

The first five digital workshops are currently available to students and faculty. As mentioned above, these workshops were the spark that encouraged me to create a YouTube channel. Check out our workshops on Zotero Citation Manager, Creative Writing, the Chicago Manual of Style, Technical Writing, and Dissertation planning.

Workshops in progress include APA Manual of Style, Abstract Writing, and Integrating Sources. This playlist will update automatically as I complete more digital workshops.

*playlist will update automatically as new content is added

Writing Center Services

The channel also features introductions to our services. The Course Writing Coach and Doctoral Writing Coach videos in particular allow us to introduce our services to new faculty members across all of our locations.

We have created a welcome flyer for new faculty that features clickable icons that will take them to these video descriptions of our services.

*playlist will update automatically as new content is added

MicroSoft Word and Google Docs Quick Tips

In addition to the lengthier digital workshops, I have been working with staff writing coaches James and Josh to create brief tips videos for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. We currently have videos for both word-processing programs on hanging indents and page breaks.

These shorter videos will act as a supplement to our workshops on the different formatting styles and allow me to create a greater variety of resources.

Similarly to the digital workshops, these short tips videos have also introduced writing coaches to helpful tips they can use in their sessions.

*playlist will update automatically as new content is added