Randall Sessler, Ph.D.

"You must not come lightly to the blank page.


Stephen King

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I am currently creating a digital repository of all the workshops offered by the APU Writing Center. Tentatively titled “The Writing Center ON DEMAND,” this video series will truly allow students to access our workshops at their convenience.

Get to know more about the WCC Writing Center team in the Voices of The Writing Center series.

WCC peer tutors interview one another about their experiences working in the center.

In this homage to Stranger Things, Randie and Phillip share their darkest writerly secrets . . .

Writing center PODCAST

During my time at WCC, I co-hosted a podcast on all things writing center with Phillip P. Join our podcast personas - Kylo Ran and Philbo Baggins - on this whimsical digital journey. Click the image above to check out every episode; most recent episodes are available in the list to the right.